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I remember my first ever roller coaster, The Corkscrew, not at Alton Towers in the UK, but at Sea World in Australia. It was the worst thing I had ever endured and is actually very surprising that riding them has become such an enjoyable hobby many years later. Since that first ever ride, I have been hooked and have travelled to several countries around the world to try out the variety of rides and attractions at the worlds amusement parks and riding roller coasters has become a fascinating and enjoyable hobby of mine.

There are many debates about what can be classed as a coaster etc. Shown on this site is my way. If you agree or not then that is absolutely fine by me.

Some parks, when visted had coasters I did not ride. I have listed these as "Missed Coasters".

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Photo of Dragon's Apprentice

Dragon's Apprentice

Legoland Malaysia

Dragon's Apprentice at Legoland Malaysia
Photo of The Dragon

The Dragon

Legoland Malaysia

The Dragon at Legoland Malaysia
Photo of Project X

Project X

Legoland Malaysia

Project X at Legoland Malaysia

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