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Latest attractions experienced

  1. Grand National (Lifthill Right) on 2024-04-21
  2. Spongebob's Splash Bash on 2024-04-21
  3. Dora's World Voyage on 2024-04-21
  4. Impossible on 2024-04-21
  5. Wallace & Gromit's Thrill-o-Matic on 2024-04-21
Photo of Neil with a Panda at the Chengdu Panda Sanctuary when in Chengdu, China

I'm Neil, I live in Cheshire, UK and i'm a web developer at CBJ Digital.

I enjoy travelling, visiting theme parks and riding roller coasters. I have visited 302 theme and amusement parks around the world including, at home in the United Kingdom and then internationally in the United States of America, Australia, Europe and throughout a number of countries in Asia. I've had a blast trying out new styles of rides and doing so with a load of great people!

I am a Doctor Who fan and am slowly working my way through all the classic episodes. I currently collect keychains from various places.

One of the main reasons for building this website is to build up my skills using different web technologies (colophon) and try out new ideas. It also allows me to display a variety of the photos I have taken.

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