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This page shows a variety of trips I have done. These only show the theme parks visited and does not show any non theme park type of activity. The route shown on the map does not necessarily show the route travelled, it merely displays the order of parks attended.

Parque Warner Madrid
Joker Funhouse Coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia
Map showing route of Welsh Weekender

Welsh Weekender

5th August 2023 - 6th August 2023

Day 1 was the European Coaster Club event at Oakwood Theme Park where we got many rides on the retracked Megafobia. It was AMAZING! Day 2 was a multi stop journey around Wales picking up the odd coaster here and there during our drive home.

Map showing route of Madrid for It

Madrid for It

3rd July 2023 - 7th July 2023

First trip to the centre of Spain to enjoy Parque Warner and Parque de Atracciones!

Map showing route of Tour de Tatis

Tour de Tatis

28th June 2023 - 2nd July 2023

A fun jaunt around northern France to visit Parc Astérix and Nigloland, as well as a variety of smaller parks

Map showing route of Utter 'Luna'cy

Utter 'Luna'cy

2nd June 2023 - 7th June 2023

A chance to get back to Sweden and visit some previously visited favourite parks and visit a couple of new ones. Highlight rides were Wildfire at Kolmården and Monster at Gröna Lund!

Map showing route of Trip to Happiness

Trip to Happiness

26th August 2022 - 2nd September 2022

A jaunt around Belgium, France and a fantastic stopover in Germany. Three fantastic highlight rides were the backbone of this trip.

Map showing route of Southern Flags and Fairs

Southern Flags and Fairs

18th June 2022 - 27th June 2022

A couple of new parks, but mainly a revisit of some old favourites.

Map showing route of Texas Credit Run Massacre

Texas Credit Run Massacre

11th June 2022 - 17th June 2022

I finally return to the US for a trip to a brand new state. Texas!

Map showing route of Into the Abyssus 2021

Into the Abyssus 2021

19th September 2021 - 25th September 2021

A much needed trip abroad to visit a new country with a whole host of new rides and coasters to experience. Including the highly recommended RMC contraption: Zadra!

Map showing route of Chasing a Storm 2021

Chasing a Storm 2021

9th June 2021 - 13th June 2021

A weeks trip down to the UK south to ride a few missing coasters and finally visit the Isle of Wight.

Map showing route of Skegness and Sherwood 2020

Skegness and Sherwood 2020

18th September 2020 - 19th September 2020

A very shameful but fun none the less drive over to Skegness' Fantasy Island before calling at a few smaller parks during the journey back.

Map showing route of Rhyl and Towyn 2020

Rhyl and Towyn 2020

15th August 2020

A day trip to the Rhyl area after the first UK lockdown. Only some silly kiddie coasters but just nice to finally go out for a day!

Map showing route of Europe 2019

Europe 2019

9th August 2019 - 16th August 2019

After a really fun weekend in Cologne for a Stag-do, a road trip from Germany to the Netherlands and back again was completed. New parks such as Slagharen and Duinrell along with revisiting favourites such as Phantasialand, Efteling and Toverland.

Map showing route of United States of America 2019

United States of America 2019

12th June 2019 - 27th June 2019

A fantastic US road trip starting in Indiana and ending up in New Jersey visiting great parks like Holiday World, Cedar Point and Hersheypark.

Map showing route of United Arab Emirates 2018

United Arab Emirates 2018

3rd November 2018 - 11th November 2018

A late in the year visit to the United Arab Emirates to visit some of the gulfs parks and attractions. Successfully managed to visit a variety of parks and also rode the world's fastest roller coaster:- Formula Rossa, all the whilst surviving the terrifying driving!!

Map showing route of Devon and Cornwall 2018

Devon and Cornwall 2018

27th July 2018 - 29th July 2018

I spent many years looking at locations of UK theme parks on a map and every time I saw the cluster of them in the South West, I always said "Ah, I'll get to them eventually!". 2018 was finally the year. Along with very changeable weather, it was a success.

Map showing route of Florida 2017

Florida 2017

28th November 2017 - 12th December 2017

Having spent many years of enduring "How are you a theme park enthusiast and you haven't been to Florida?", it was time to get it done. Managed to squeeze in as much theme parking and non-theme parking into a two week trip as possible. Think I managed it pretty successfully!

Map showing route of Aberdeen Visit 2017

Aberdeen Visit 2017

16th September 2017 - 17th September 2017

A visit to Aberdeen to visit my cousin's family. On the way home called into Codona's and then M&D's as we were passing on the journey back home.

Map showing route of Crowborough Visit 2017

Crowborough Visit 2017

16th June 2017 - 17th June 2017

A trip based out of Crowborough and venturing out to Paultons Park to experience the Lost Kingdom followed by the seaside in Margate to finally see the reopened Dreamland and ride the Scenic!

Map showing route of Port Aventura World 2017

Port Aventura World 2017

21st May 2017 - 24th May 2017

Port Aventura World had just added Red Force for this year, so that along with the pull of Shambhala finally managed to get me to Salou to visit this once Universal park. Just a short trip but some great rides and times were had.

Map showing route of Theme Parking with Colin 2017

Theme Parking with Colin 2017

22nd April 2017 - 23rd April 2017

A trip to two of the UK's best theme parks with friends from abroad.

Map showing route of Southern Theme Parks weekend 2017

Southern Theme Parks weekend 2017

18th March 2017 - 19th March 2017

A weekend trip down to the southern UK Merlin parks with my first visit to Adventure Island first of all. The Saturday night was spent at the Thorpe Shark Hotel. Sunday morning was sent at Thorpe Park with the afternoon having quick visits to Chessington World of Adventures to ride the new Gruffalo River Ride and Legoland to try the recently added Ninjago: The Ride.

Map showing route of London with Mum 2016

London with Mum 2016

10th December 2016 - 11th December 2016

Taking my mum to see the amazing Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London and to experience the famous Olympia Looping coaster. We followed this up with a trip to the Olympic Park, Bekonscot Model Village and Stoke Winter Wonderland on the journey home.

Map showing route of Safari and Frights 2016

Safari and Frights 2016

9th October 2016 - 10th October 2016

A quick call in to West Midland Safari Park followed by Thorpe Parks annual Fright Nights event!

Map showing route of Europe 2016

Europe 2016

13th July 2016 - 18th July 2016

My first visit to large mainland Europe parks such as Walibi Holland, Toverland, Efteling and Phantasialand. Also contained an amazing afternoon/evening visit to Dusseldorf Rheinkirmes!

Map showing route of Theme Parking with Chris L 2016

Theme Parking with Chris L 2016

1st June 2016 - 16th June 2016

A very hectic and weirdly organised trip involving the UK and two trips to Germany within a single week. Return visits to Europa Park and Hansa Park along with my first time to Heide Park. Also started with trips to Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Oakwood.

Map showing route of California 2015

California 2015

10th September 2015 - 17th September 2015

A return trip to the West Coast of the US after last visiting in 2009. Excellent to take it at a slightly more leisurely pace this time around. Brilliant fun meeting up with friends not seen for a long time and riding new additions including the fabulous Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain and stunning Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure.

Map showing route of Malaysia and Singapore 2015

Malaysia and Singapore 2015

7th July 2015 - 17th July 2015

A fun few days addition to a trip to Borneo for a wedding. Started by visiting another Universal park followed by Malaysia's Legoland. Lots of time was spent experiencing Singapore as a whole and the area of Sentosa.

Map showing route of Great Yarmouth 2015

Great Yarmouth 2015

4th April 2015

Three parks in the South East finally visited and the last two UK wooden coasters ridden. That Scenic Railway is such a hidden gem of a ride!

Map showing route of Germany 2014

Germany 2014

11th September 2014 - 14th September 2014

A trip to experience the famous Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park followed by the well renowned Europa Park ending with the delightful Tripsdrill.

Map showing route of Scandinavia 2014

Scandinavia 2014

12th June 2014 - 29th June 2014

A nice long trip to experience parks in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Two plane rides, three ferries and many rides and coasters!

Map showing route of Japan 2013

Japan 2013

23rd June 2013 - 8th July 2013

A place I have wished to visit for quite some time. Finally got the experience the wonder of the Tokyo Disney Resort along with a fair number of other Japanese parks like Universal Studios Japan and Nagashima Spa Land for the worlds longest roller coaster!

Map showing route of Taiwan 2013

Taiwan 2013

16th June 2013 - 22nd June 2013

A fun weeks trip from South to North of the island. Highlight has to be the worlds only Vekoma tilting coaster and the beautiful Aboriginal park set near Sun Moon Lake.

Map showing route of Best of China Tour 2012

Best of China Tour 2012

9th September 2012 - 28th September 2012

A very long and interesting visit to experience the best of China. This trip took us from Beijing all the way to Hong Kong whilst passing through Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Rode some fantastic rides, my first Intamin Mega-Lite, a spectacular B&M Flyer, a very unique Vekoma Flyer, my second S&S 4D coaster and some very strange knockoff coasters!

Map showing route of Cyprus 2011

Cyprus 2011

7th August 2011 - 11th August 2011

A family holiday to Cyprus had a day trip to find Lucky Star Park near Larnaca.

Map showing route of IntimidaTour 2010

IntimidaTour 2010

17th August 2010 - 22nd August 2010

A trip to ride the two brand new Intimidator coasters built for 2010. From Carowinds to Kings Dominion, also involving visits to both Dollywood and Busch Gardens.

Map showing route of Middle America Tour 2010

Middle America Tour 2010

4th August 2010 - 16th August 2010

A jaunt around the Midwest starting in Minneapolis, heading down south to Silver Dollar City before heading back up north to end at Valleyfair.

Map showing route of West Coast Tour 2009

West Coast Tour 2009

4th August 2009 - 20th August 2009

A trip to California and Nevada to experience the major parks around. Lots of major parks including Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm and even the original Disneyland!

Map showing route of Disneyland Resort Paris 2008

Disneyland Resort Paris 2008

11th May 2008 - 13th May 2008

My very first visit to a Disney Resort. Great to see what all the fuss was about. A fun couple of days checking out both the main park and the Studios park next door.

Map showing route of Ohio 2005

Ohio 2005

2nd August 2005 - 11th August 2005

My very first trip to the United States of America. All brought about by seeing Top Thrill Dragster on a TV show and us all deciding to head to Cedar Point to ride it!

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